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Our priority is provide a stable, easy to use, high performant and safe Chia farming pool. Providing transparent and precious information in real time to our members


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  • 0.5% devFee
  • PPLNS rewards system over a 12 hours timeframe
  • Hourly 0.01 XCH minimum payout


Chia farming FuturePool

Our Chia mining pool

Chia pool protocol

Chia official protocol farming pool

Our farming pool is based on the official specification for farming pools developed by Chia team. It ensures that you will be safe from exposing your private keys and you will benefit from any future improvement in performance, security and stability of the pooling protocol.

Europe servers

Our chia pool servers are in Europe

The servers that run our farming pool are located in the European Union with a top-level provider, ensuring a quality service with fast responses to incidents and an uptime close to 100%.

FuturePool support

Support, help and documentation in both English and Spanish

Our support team will love to help you in both English and Spanish (more languages coming soon). We will also make translated versions of all documentation made about the pool and the farming process.

About us

We are a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts (and specially in Chia) that believe in them as the logical evolution of the current financial system. We think that crypto currencies will democratize the economy and will have an unprecedented impact on society.

Our multi-cultural team accumulates more than 10 years of experience in web services development in several sectors (including banking and insurances). We are a talented team of professionals in all areas involved in a project like this: system administration, development, design and data analysis. We are also miners in other cryptocurrencies.

Our support team will love to help you in both English and Spanish (and soon in other languages). Our previous experiences with blockchains have driven us here, and we hope and wish that you will choose to start with us this new and exciting adventure that begins today.

Welcome aboard!