1. Cookie Policy

Please carefully read this privacy statement before using this Website to understand how we use cookies. The use of this Website implies your acceptance of our cookies policy. Otherwise, do not use this Website.

FuturePool sites install session and third-party cookies on all visitors even if not registered for the following purposes:

  • _session_id It enables the unique visitor functionality and allows to customize the user experience. This cookie is installed the first time a user enters the FuturePool website throught a browser.
  • Google Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM): Their purposes are described on the Google Policy Page. They are not required for the website to work and you can opt-out using the methods described.
  • Cloudflare: We use Cloudflare as an access provider and to protect the user experience from bad actors. It may require the users to check they are not a robot and some cookies can be stored as a result to ease navigation in case of an attack. You can check the Cloudflare Cookie Policy Page for more information.

Remember that some features and the full functionality of this Website may not be available after disabling cookies.

2. Data processing

The provision of our services does not require processing of personal data. We only store IP addresses used to access the services to be in compliance with local and national regulations required.

All website user activity is tracked by analytics services to improve user experience and provide useful feedback.

3. Data persistence

We keep data only for the time necessary for the intended purpose.

Data from the contact data form or from email requesting information is stored the time necessary to respond to the request and, if applicable, for a reasonable period in order to track or deduce whether de data subject may continue to be interested in our services.

Data stored by FuturePool is not shared with third parties except for those that provides operational services for FuturePool, and always enforcing GDPR requirements.

Analytics data from user navigation is stored indefinitely, but it will never store any identificative or personal data, as it is anonymized and aggregated by our analytics provider.

4. Data security

FuturePool only uses thirt-party technologies and platforms that are in the European Union to process data. When technologies and platforms located in the United States of Ameria are used, checks are done to ensure the suppliers have endorsed the European Union Security Shield program.

FuturePool applies high-level security measures to the processing operations for which it is the controller, guaranteeing the confidenciality and integrity of the information in its system.

4. Contact details

For more information, please contact us and we will answer your questions at [email protected].