How to join FuturePool

You can now start farming Chia with us!

To start plotting and farming with us you will need the latest version of the Chia client, which you can download from the official website.

Once the client is updated, you can join our pool from the Pools section of the app. To join any pool you will need at least 1 mojo to be able to generate a Plot NFT (the plot group for pooling). If you don't have any mojo yet, you can use the official Chia faucet to get 100 mojos to start operating on the blockchain for free.

Click on the "Add Plot NFT" button that you will see on the Pools section of the app, enter our pool URL and press the "Create" button.

Plot NFT creation screen

Your newly created Plot NFT will appear as "Pending". It can take a few minutes to confirm, depending on the blockchain state.

Plot NFT detail screen Plot NFT add plots

Welcome! If the Plot NFT appears as "Pooling" you are farming with us. Now you can start creating your new plots: click on the three-dot button and then "Add a Plot".

To access your dashboard, use the Launcher ID that appears on the app in the search box of our website or click on the "View Pool Login Link" from Chia app and we will route you to your dashboard.

⚠️ It is possible that you will not see any data on your dashboard ⚠️ this is because each k32 plot sends an average of 10 points per day, so to view data earlier you will need to have more plots or wait a bit longer.